Total Reggae Dub, Vol. 4 | Zion Train
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Total Reggae Dub, Vol. 4

Zion Train

  1. Ari Hanta

  2. Money (feat. Daman)

  3. Political Thing (feat. Jazzmin Tutum)

  4. Far East (feat. Addis Pablo)

  5. I and I Shall Rise (feat. Sis Awa)

  6. Rasta Live (feat. Michah Shemaiah)

  7. Fire (feat. Jah 9)

  8. Money (feat. Daman)

  9. Roots Man Play (feat. Dubdadda)

  10. Permanent Pressure (feat. Fitta Warri)

  11. Born for a Purpose (feat. Jazzmin Tutum)

  12. Land of the Blind (feat. Jazzmin Tutum)

  13. Raise a Voice (feat. Longfingah)

  14. Just Say Who (feat. Horace Andy)

  15. Just Say Dub (feat. Horace Andy)

  16. Tranquility Through Humility