Eclectic | John Ford Coley
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John Ford Coley

  1. Beach Boys Song (feat. Tom Wurth)

  2. Stop the Rain From Falling

  3. Victory Road (feat. Jamie O'Neal)

  4. Wild Horses

  5. Cottonmouth Grove (feat. Scat Springs)

  6. You Almost Loved Me

  7. Here We Are Again

  8. Dreaming's All That You've Got

  9. More Than You (feat. Vince Gill)

  10. Carry Our Gross (feat. T. Graham Brown)

  11. What Am I Supposed to Do (feat. Lydia Salnikova)

  12. Odd Man Out

  13. Should Have Never Left Texas (feat. The Texas Ex-Pat Choir)

  14. She Don't Talk About California

  15. Wildflower Eyes

  16. To Feel That Again

  17. Forevermore

  18. Every Time I Close My Eyes (feat. Aubrey Shamel)

  19. That's Life (feat. T. Graham Brown)

  20. 'Til the Light Turns Green (feat. Georgia Middleman)

  21. Younger Years

  22. She's Always Talking With Angels

  23. On My Own (feat. Lydia Salnikova)

  24. Just When You Thought

  25. Road of Blessing

  26. Quiet Victory (For the Holocaust Survivors)